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We conduct Corporate and Student Workshops for De-stressing, team building and enhancing creativity through numerous hobby and craft activities.

We also undertake craft projects/ fun & creativity workshops for Charitable organizations on request basis.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Latest craft and creativity activities conducted at our summer camps for 2014- A Collection of Simple Crafts for Kids

Summer has come, and all kids are charged up......lets make them do something different, something innovative.

I am posting some of the photographs of our recent summer camp activities. Hope that feeds all you creative minds thought for food....


1. These were colorful Marble paper mats, woven by my students made them improve their motor skills and gave them immense happiness as well.....

2. Look at these Chirpy cards, with their beaks popping up, they really made the kids day :-)
One Yellow chart paper, handful of orange craft paper, Black Sketch Pen and that's it.....

3. Simple, Scary and resourceful........scary BATS Pencil Toppers
You would just need a black paper and pencil , its really easy and simple

4. A classy book mark - Warli Art (Tribal Human Figure)

5. A Paper Plate Bird ( Its moves like a see- saw :-))
You would just need a paper plate, a set of Google eyes and some colorful papers and here is the out come....

6. Butter Fly Pencil/ Pen Holder, made out of a  Paper cup
You would require a tall Paper cup, some colors/ color papers for decorating the wings, the Wings cut outs made out of Hand made paper, butterfly stings

Have a keen look at it .....its really simple.......but it looks too attractive.....isn't it?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ideas for Corporate Work Shop on Warli Paintings

Ideas for Corporate Work Shop on Warli Paintings

Warli, the simple traditional Tribal Art, has gained its importance in modern times, due to its simplistic, yet elegant Art form. All of the these warli art paintings are mostly inspired from nature and depict the geometric elements of human and animal shapes.

Hobby workshop, based in HSR Layout Sector-2, undertakes workshops and classes for exclusively Warli form of paintings and Art. This course can be undertaken by any age group after 4 years.

Course Content
1. Learning Basic Warli Figures
2. Warli Paintings (on paper and canvas)
3. Putting Warli Art on Artifacts and objects (pots, fabrics, tiles, etc.)

Please contact us for further details. Contact no. 9886398171

please visit the following post from our blog to know explore more on Warli Art....

The following are some of the interesting Warli applications that we explore during the course:

Avni Women's Jute Warli Lunch Bag 

Art and Craft Workshop at HSR Layout-

Art and Craft Workshop at HSR Layout

About the Course
 It’s a two weeks course (10 hours), allowing flexible timings for the Kids/children/teenagers.
All the craft activities conducted, will be a unique combination of the Thematic Paper Crafts and Arts that will explore and unwind the imaginative power in the Children.
The Course would cover, Artifacts made out of Waste Materials like the Matchboxes, Oil/shampoo bottles, Ice Cream sticks, Straws, Polythene Bags, News Papers, Paper Cups, etc.
Age group
4 years and above
Willing to think out of box; All Material will be provided
Key Takeaways
Interesting Art and Craft Artifacts, enjoyment and some patience....
Course Fees
Rs. 1000/- per child (Group Discount will be applicable for more than 2 children registering together)

Contact Details: 9886398171

Thursday, 19 September 2013

De-stressing Corporate Workshop on Paper Roses.....what a fun!

 De-stressing Corporate Workshop on Paper Roses.....what a fun!

Look at this pot decorated with some yellow Paper Roses made from a duplex paper......did u observe that the pot is also a paper craft. Its made from a simple black card paper.
What a nice idea to gift a friend!

Well, want to try making it? you need yellow duplex paper, a black card paper and a green card paper
Also get a pair of scissors, glue, marker pencil, and a simple thread (preferably yellow in color), and small string

1. For a big Rose, you will require 6 big petals, 8 small petals. Draw the Petal shapes on the duplex paper and cut them. Roll their edges to give a natural effect. A duplex paper can be stretched and expanded at the center of the petal also to give curvature to the paper petal.

2. Take the string in your hand. join two small petals face to face with the thread and tie them around the string. your center is formed.

3. Keep Adding small petals with the help of the thread, increase the volume of your paper rose flower.

4. Once your are finished with the small petals, go on adding the big petals, with the help of thread
(in case you are not confident of the thread, you may use the glue)

5. Your big rose will be ready, similarly make the two medium size roses also.

6. Make a card paper pot, or take a ready made pot. you can also decorate an extra plastic container at your home, to make a shallow pot.

7. Arrange the flowers as shown in the picture and add leaves to give that extra effect.

8. Your return gift is ready

You may also try making these beautiful White Rose arrangements, made out of Duplex White paper.
you may even make use of ice cream sticks to form the background wooden base.

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them


Monday, 16 September 2013

Got many damaged and old CDs......lets make CD Craft

We are in an IT era and all of our House holds are saturated with hundreds of CDs. A good number of these CDs are damaged are scratched by Kids and pets.

Sort them out a get some of them to do these simple and wonderful CD crafts....I bet it will be really interesting and stress relieving ....

Get some old CDs, Satin ribbons, Glue, Stetch  pens/Markers, Googly eyes and Some waste Craft Papers and indulge yourself and your kids in some creative activities.....

Fishy-Wishy CD Craft :-)
Metallic colours are used on the half cut CDs, they are also decorated with beads and strings (ready made sequences are available in the market) for a wall hanging effect. They can be made as returns gifts
for your house party.

Wow a master piece on your study table
 Kids, gather 6 damaged CDs from your CD collection and Go and Make this 3D Cd Box, and hang it outdoors. look how it catches the works just amazing!
 Look at this Christmas Wall Hanging made out of old CDs, isn't it simply amazing....

What A Fun Way to learn maths....

Look at this its so easy and creative, even kids will love it. make it yourself and give it on our kids birthday...

 this is so cute :-) isn't it ......a CD Mouse ! hang it in your room and enhance its decor. 

You may even try making a Bird out of  a damaged CD, it may come up something like this....
  or you may even go for these cute BUGS... :-)

HA HA ....isn't this Fun ?

Lets check it out more......may be some difficult stuff...

How about a roaring Lion....

OR some Tea Coasters..... Make them in to a set of 6 and you may even Gift them.....

And this one's a bit tricky......but why don't you try that out for yourselves.....

OMG.....Yes, All of these are from scraped, damaged, old CDs, isn't this simply wonderful.....

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Felt Fabric Flower Craft

Felt Cloth Flowers Clips

It is very simple to make Flower Clips from the Felt Fabric.
1. Cut a Flower shape from a 2inch by 2inch Felt cloth of your choice.
2. Fold the Flower in in half, and then in to quarter. Make such five quarters and one small quarter.
3. Place all the four Quarters in the manner shown below, and stick them

4. Stick the fifth Quarter above the petals, followed by sticking the small quarter in the last.
5. Allow your Felt Fabric Flower to dry for few hours and paste it on plain hair clips of your choice.
6. Your Felt cloth flower clips are ready.

Felt Fabric Flower Hair Band


Felt Fabric Flower Key Chains

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Finger Rangoli: A different style in Rangoli making

Before Staring any design Rangoli(except Sanskar Bharati),  ensure to mix some white colour to the rangoli powder, if the colour powder is highly smooth. Adding white colour will make its texture coarser, which will be easy to hold in your pinch.

Lets start the Finger Rangoli
1.Dump and Huge Dot of Rangoli powder on the desired surface. Put your Index finger at the center of this big dot and make circular movement, a ring will be formed.
2. Drop one more huge drop above this ring and repeat your finger action there will be 2 rings.
3. Five of these rings in a group, make a flower. You can add contrast colour in the center of the ring to give colourful effect.
4. You can also make leaves pattern using green colour in a similar fashion.

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them