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Thursday, 19 September 2013

De-stressing Corporate Workshop on Paper Roses.....what a fun!

 De-stressing Corporate Workshop on Paper Roses.....what a fun!

Look at this pot decorated with some yellow Paper Roses made from a duplex paper......did u observe that the pot is also a paper craft. Its made from a simple black card paper.
What a nice idea to gift a friend!

Well, want to try making it? you need yellow duplex paper, a black card paper and a green card paper
Also get a pair of scissors, glue, marker pencil, and a simple thread (preferably yellow in color), and small string

1. For a big Rose, you will require 6 big petals, 8 small petals. Draw the Petal shapes on the duplex paper and cut them. Roll their edges to give a natural effect. A duplex paper can be stretched and expanded at the center of the petal also to give curvature to the paper petal.

2. Take the string in your hand. join two small petals face to face with the thread and tie them around the string. your center is formed.

3. Keep Adding small petals with the help of the thread, increase the volume of your paper rose flower.

4. Once your are finished with the small petals, go on adding the big petals, with the help of thread
(in case you are not confident of the thread, you may use the glue)

5. Your big rose will be ready, similarly make the two medium size roses also.

6. Make a card paper pot, or take a ready made pot. you can also decorate an extra plastic container at your home, to make a shallow pot.

7. Arrange the flowers as shown in the picture and add leaves to give that extra effect.

8. Your return gift is ready

You may also try making these beautiful White Rose arrangements, made out of Duplex White paper.
you may even make use of ice cream sticks to form the background wooden base.

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them


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  1. Expert Tip for the Artifact:These paper roses can be made more durable by adding a layer of clear Varnish on the surface of the petals.

    Enjoy gifting!