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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Felt Fabric Flower Craft

Felt Cloth Flowers Clips

It is very simple to make Flower Clips from the Felt Fabric.
1. Cut a Flower shape from a 2inch by 2inch Felt cloth of your choice.
2. Fold the Flower in in half, and then in to quarter. Make such five quarters and one small quarter.
3. Place all the four Quarters in the manner shown below, and stick them

4. Stick the fifth Quarter above the petals, followed by sticking the small quarter in the last.
5. Allow your Felt Fabric Flower to dry for few hours and paste it on plain hair clips of your choice.
6. Your Felt cloth flower clips are ready.

Felt Fabric Flower Hair Band


Felt Fabric Flower Key Chains

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  1. hi .cute ribbon.even I do hair bands with satin cloth but not with felt fabric can u pls let me know d availability of felt fabric in Bangalore as I am searching for d same.wud be of great help if u let me know plz mail me d address.

  2. Hello. Loved your tutorial. I am looking forward to start on them for my baby. Nowadays even the simplest clips are expensive. I would like to know where in Bangalore I can get the raw materials?