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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Learn Drawing Basic Tarpa Dance Figures -The popular Warli Culture

Introduction to Warli Art

Warli folk paintings are the painting of Maharashtra. Warli is the name of the largest tribe found on the northern outskirts of Mumbai, in Western India. The word “ Warli” comes from “warla” which means a piece of land or a field Despite being in such close proximity of the largest metropolis in India, Warli tribesmen are still not urban. Warli Art was first discovered in the early seventies. While there are no records of the exact origins of this art, its roots may be traced to as early as the 10th century AD. Warli is the vivid expression of daily and social events of the Warli tribe of Maharashtra, used by them to decorate the walls of village houses. This was the only means of transmitting folklore to a others who are not acquainted with the written word.

Basic Warli Figures

All the figures belonging to the Warli Art are combination of several geometrical patterns, inspired from the nature.
For example: A circle represents the sun and the moon, A triangle got inspired from the
mountains and pointed trees, and a square indicates a sacred enclosure or a piece of land.

Basic Human Warli Figure

1. Draw an Inverse triangle and normal triangle meeting at an apex, this becomes the body of the tribal man.
2. Draw a small neck line and small circular head, connecting the body of the man

3. Now its time to add some legs, longer the legs, graceful the figure.  The direction of the legs depends upon the direction of the man standing.

We need to make a combination of 3 strokes to make a leg, thigh to knee, knee to ankle, and the feet, you may give these 3 strokes in the proportion of 2:3:1 for a more proportionate Warli human figure
4. Now lets take a look at this Warli Human Figure (both left and right turned legs are shown for reference)

5. Now for the Hands, we are going to use lines. Hands can be free in the Air, on the waist of oneself, on the waist of adjoining human figure, or on the sideways also. Following are some of the examples for the same
you can observe that the direction of the legs,changes depending upon the direction in which the man faces, and the direction of the hands, is influenced by the activities in which this person is indulged.
6. Now let us see, how to draw warli girls and ladies, you need to do slight changes in their hair, rest figure, remaining the same. Draw a semicircle adjoining the head, to give a hair bun look, these Warli tribal ladies tie their hair up in a bun and put leaves and flowers to decorate their hair.

Like human Figures, there is method to draw animal figures also. The Warli Tribal culture, has a lot of importance for domestic animals, and lot of Warli  paintings and posters have grazing animals shown in them.

Tarpa Dance

In a Tarpa Dance form, you will be required to use all these geometric human figures joined together hand in hand, to form beautiful tarpa dance pattern.

Note: A Musician is generally placed in the center of a Tarpa Dance Circle, who plays the Music and the other human figures dance around him. you can refer to some more of the musician designs from the following link

Look at this beautiful Wall Frame. its very simple to make, yet very beautiful. You can also make a village picture and show tarpa dance form in it.

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them