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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Making Crape Paper flowers and bead flowers

Pot Decorations with Paper Flowers and Bead Flowers

Steps for Making a Pea Crape Paper Flower

  1. Cut a small circle out of a crape paper (use pink, red ,yellow, blue colors)
  2. Take a craft string (one which you can twist and turn; called as "taar" in hindi). I have taken a green colored string.
  3. Keep the center of the string on the diameter of the circle
  4. Fold the circle (one small semicircle and other big semicircle)
  5. Bring together the edges of the crape paper
  6. Fold the String in the center. you will get a fan shape
  7. Carefully open this fan shape and turn both the fans in opposite directions
  8. Your Pea flower is ready.
  9. Multiply them and make a colorful bunch for your favorite flower pot.

Steps for Making a Simple Crape Paper FlowerBouquet

  1. Cut a small semi circle out of a crape paper (use pink, red ,yellow colors)
  2. Take a green tape and rotate it round a straw. You may even use broom sticks instead of a straw.
  3. Turn the semicircle in to a cone and stick its edges with glue
  4. Shape the circumference of the cone in to rounded flower petals. you can also go for triangular petals
  5. Apply thin line of glue on the external surface of the small flower and stick it to the straw as seen in the picture
  6. Make multiple of these flowers and go on sticking them on the straws, until you get a colorful bunch.

    1.As seen in the picture above, you may cut the stripes of various color crape paper sheets and shape their ends as per the petals desired.
    2. Take a string and tie some crape paper to form the center portion of the flower.
    3. Cover the string with green tape. 
    4. Lets Start making the flower, take the green string with center portion in one hand
    5. Roll the bunch of crape paper around the string, such that only1/5 of the length of crape paper comes on the string 
    6.Tie it up hard with a thread, so that petals remain firm.
    7. start separating the petals slowly, and try to give volume to your flower
    8. you may even turn some inner petal inside or outer petal outside, to give that natural effect.
    9. Blow some air in to the flower if it helps you.
    10. Add leaves leaves as per your choice, you may make some out of a green paper, or get them ready made from market.
    11. Spray some perfume on them before gifting.

    Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them


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