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Thursday, 19 January 2012

6 Huge Kusudam Flowers Balls madeby Hobbyworkshop for a Corporate Event

Huge Ball of Kusudam Paper Flowers

Video of Kusudam Flower Balls

Note: This Huge balls were made for a corporate event by Hobbyworkshop

Following are the steps to make a basic Kusudama Paper Flower

Inorder to make the huge Kusudama Paper Flower Ball, 8 such flowers are needed.
You Can make small size kusudama balls from the Florescent paper available in the market, while huge Kusudama balls would require thick Chart papers or Art Papers.

Variations in the Paper Flower petals

The Flower petals can be given round shape, instead of the triangular one. Use of good quality craft paper with vibrant colours adds to the look of these flowers.

Uses of Kusudama Paper Flower Balls

You can Make a beautiful Kusudama Flower Garland for the Photoframes of the lord that you worship. you can even weave these small beautiful flowers to form a paper flower curtain.  You may even try making a Kusudama flower Rakhi , for your dear brother which will be indeed unique and beautiful.  you can also go ahead with a red Kusudama Paper Flower bouquet for your loved ones.

Arranging these Paper flowers in a pot, by inserting a broom stick as a stem to these flowers is also a wonderful idea.

Incase you are tired of your good old plain envelopes, give them a twist by sticking a set of these flowers and leaves pattern on them. You may even decorate the wedding and party gifts by these flowers. An art paper is used to make this violet flower, which is also highlighted by silver metalic colour on the borders.
you also get metalic 3D outliners in the market, which will give a more beautiful 3D effect. 

Of course, use light flowers in Dark envelopes and Dark on light ones.

Tip: You can apply transparent varnish available at the hardware shops, to protect these flowers and give them a permanent stature. 

 Kusudama FlowerGarland

Make a half ball of these paper flowers to make this garland. you can also make use of the glossy advertisement pamphlets coming in every weekend newspapers.

Kusudama Flower Pendant

Gift this unique flower pendent to your daughter or niece and see,what a style statement it makes. You can make more of these and give them off as a return gift to your Daughter's friends for her Birthday party.

Please Try making these and keep me may mail me at for any craft ideas, suggestions or queries you have. would love to take them


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